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Dr. Yun Luke Lu

Dr. Lu’s vision is one that weaves the threads of ancient healing practices and methods into
modern day societies. Dr. Lu’s Nourishing Life, LLC was created to provide his
clients a path to wellness, utilizing treatments grounded n Traditional Chinese
Medicine as well as Buddhist and Taoist healing, medicinal herbs, cooking with seasonal
whole foods and a balanced way of living, one that is in harmony with the
organic rhythm of nature.


Our Team

  • Practitioner Sara AlRawi
Practitioner Sara AlRawi

Sara’s initial exposure to traditional medicine began when she was a young girl watching her grandmother care for the whole family with fresh, seasonal and wholesome cooking, and listening to stories of how her grandmother prepared tea from herbs she collected in the market or those growing in her backyard. Her fascination and intrigue with traditional systems of medicine coupled with her studies of psychology led her to Naturopathic medicine. Sara received her naturopathic doctorate from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2004, and Masters of Public Health from the University of Michigan also in 2004, with an emphasis in Human Nutrition and Reproductive and Women’s Health.


  • Practitioner Carey Ryan
Practitioner Carey Ryan

Carey’s interest in the healing arts is grounded her commitment to health and balance in her own life.  After completing undergraduate studies in the liberal arts at the University of Kings college in Halifax, Nova Scotia, she moved to Ann Arbor where she began a journey of studying and applying concepts of holistic healing.


  • Practitioner Stephanie Macey
Practitioner Stephanie Macey

Stephanie has provided compassionate care to many patients through out her career as a
Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and Registered Nurse. She has used her
nurturing spirit to provide care for patients across the lifespan, including hospice care.
She believes in empowering her patients to take an active role in their own healing
journey and has had many roles as an educator in the hospital and clinic setting as an
RN and TCM healer.


  • Practitioner Jesse Ozimek
Practitioner Jesse Ozimek

Jesse’s passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine and the healing arts was ignited by her
brother’s lengthy and pernicious struggle with Lyme disease. When he contracted the
disease her family spent years working with the medical community to address it with
little success. Her brother’s condition spiraled downward; no one knew how to help.
The disease nearly took him.


  • Director of Operations Katarina Lu
Director of Operations Katarina Lu

Katarina is the Director of Operations for Dr. Lu’s Nourishing Life clinic, and has been
working with us since 2013. Her job covers a variety of areas. From bookkeeping to
team management to daily operations, she ensures our clinic runs smoothly.
Before joining Dr. Lu’s Nourishing Life clinic, Katarina served as a public high school math
teacher for 13 years. She has a Master’s Degree in math education.


    • Office Manager Julie Morris
    Office Manager Julie Morris
    Julie first learned of Dr. Lu’s Nourishing Life as a patient and fell in love with the honest hope based healing that Dr. Lu practices. Her career started with academic stem cell research in 2002. She moved into biotechnology and industry as a scientist working with novel stem cell therapies, and then into developing and managing clinical trials in collaboration with big pharma. Julie earned a B.S. in Life Sciences, Business and Cultural Diversity, is published in professional journals, and has presented at conferences around the world. After working on treatments for incurable diseases for over 15 years, she whole heartedly believes in the power of hope and holistic medicine that Dr. Lu’s Nourishing Life provides. Julie is excited to be a part of Dr. Lu’s research and development of an herbal supplement for general health, as well as lead the initiative to become a paperless office. She feels honored to volunteer for the Golden Courage International Foundation and privileged to work on Dr. Lu’s team.

      • Office Manager Megan Zakar
      Office Manager Megan Zakar

      Megan’s love for traditional medicine was introduced and influenced by her elder family members. The garden was the medicine cabinet growing up. From a very early age Megan felt empathic and intuitive. She often took roles as leader and caretaker into young adulthood before embarking on her own self-discovery.

      Megan obtained a BA in Psychology at Michigan State University. Following her undergraduate she attended a two-year Naturopathic program in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  With a strong belief in the mind-body connection, or psychosomatic conditions, she was naturally drawn to nutrition, herbalism, and energy work.  She believes with improving emotional intelligence and overall awareness, while strengthening the connection and wellness to the physical body wondrous healing can happen! Believing that lifestyle changes, along side intellectually working through old thought patterns, you can retrain the brain and body into balance and harmony.

      Working with Dr. Lu has been an absolute dream come true! It is the exact mentoring and training Megan has been looking for to carry with her for a lifetime. She feels blessed and much gratitude for the clinic and each practitioner, as well as the clientele.


        • Office Manager Kacey Mahoney
        Office Manager Kacey Mahoney

        Kacey has spent the past three years studying psychology at university, and enjoys spending her free time researching neuroplasticity and the link between Eastern religions and the brain. She will begin work on her Master’s of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine this September at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in Austin, Texas. After school, Kacey plans to use her education to focus on mental health and to study some of the unexplored emotions of humans.


          • Assistant Mara Stein
          Assistant Mara Stein

          Mara first saw Dr. Lu in 2015 after struggling to find a good fit to address her health concerns. The support and guidance Mara received from Dr. Lu and staff has allowed her to continue to see growth in her life since her initial visit. As an assistant, Mara is very grateful to see the healing impact of each patient’s visit. She has a background in visual arts with a strong interest in videography and photography. Mara intends to focus her studies on religion.



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